The web site "Vaccines Today" publishes 10 videos on vaccines themes

  • Publisher: VaccinesToday

  • Posted: 27/10/2015

  • Theme: Prevention and Vaccines

  • Type: News

  • Language: English

Vaccine todays publishes numerous videos on vaccines.

Vaccines Today is an online platform for discussing vaccines and vaccination. Vaccines continue to make headlines around the world and are of great interest to citizens and health professionals alike. The platform strives to provide an interactive forum for informed debate on issues around vaccination, as well as to serve as a source of reliable information, bringing the community of stakeholders together to share their views.

List of videos :

  • Protection from cervical cancer, a mother’s insights on HPV

  • Can text message reminders improve vaccination rates?

  • Social media and vaccines: an opportunity?

  • Training doctors to communicate about vaccines

  • Changing how doctors talk about vaccines

  • Can vaccine myths be corrected?

  • Bringing immunisation to children around the world

  • Nurses: powerful vaccine advocates

  • A brief history of vaccination

  • Pregancy and Vaccination

and much more.

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