1 Strengthening Laboratory Leadership and Management Workshop
DHS/BMLS supported by WHO/ITECHMekong View Hotel, Phnom Penh (Cambodge)January 21-22, 2019English04/03/2019Biology Laboratories Sciences and Activities
2 Off-target effects of vaccination
Fondation Mérieux (France)Centre de Conférence Les Pensières (Annecy)8-10 June 2015English08/04/2015Prevention and Vaccines
3 5th Charles Merieux Conference
Port au Prince, HaitiFebruary 23, 2015French31/03/2015
4 Beyond Efficacy: The full public health impact of Vaccines in addition to efficacy measured in trials
Conference Center les Pensières (Annecy)22 - 24 June 2015English06/03/2015Prevention and Vaccines
5 Better use of antibiotics prize
February 2015, will run until the end of 2016English12/02/2015
6 Vaccination ecosystem health check: achieving impact today and sustainability for tomorrow
Les Pensières, Annecy (France)19 - 21 January 2015English19/01/2015
7 Ebola Vaccine : Where are we ? How to move forward ?
Conference Center Les Pensières Annecy13-13 January 2015English06/01/2015Prevention and Vaccines
8 Symposium on Biodiversity and Health
University of Health Sciences, Phnom Penh (Cambodia)17-18th November 2014English20/10/2014
9 National workshop on prevention of contamination by the management of hazardous biological agents and biomedical waste in Mali
Fondation Mérieux et le Ministere de la Santé et l'Hygiène PubliqueCentre d'Infectologie Charles Mérieux (Mali)27-29 August 2014French29/08/2014
10 5th Get Together Alumni Meeting in Dublin
Dublin7 May 2014English06/06/2014

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