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1 I-Lab: using mobile and web technology to streamline the sharing of epidemiological data and strengthen surveillance of infectious disease in Senegal
Fondation Mérieux USAAnnouncementEnglish21/06/2016
2 Abstract submission for ASLM 2016 Conference in Cape Town
ASLMCourse and conferenceEnglish14/03/2016Public health

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1 Strengthening Laboratory Leadership and Management Workshop
DHS/BMLS supported by WHO/ITECHMekong View Hotel, Phnom Penh (Cambodge)January 21-22, 2019English04/03/2019Biology Laboratories Sciences and Activities
2 Off-target effects of vaccination
Fondation Mérieux (France)Centre de Conférence Les Pensières (Annecy)8-10 June 2015English08/04/2015Prevention and Vaccines

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