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You can find also in this category, scientific documents related to the conferences that are organised by the Fondation Merieux or by one of our partners.

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Typhoid fever a neglected disease: towards vaccine introduction policy
Fondation MérieuxLes Pensières - Annecy (France)2-4 April 2007English05/04/2007Prevention and Vaccines
Host-pathogen cross talk
Fondation MérieuxLes Pensières - Annecy (France)24-26 September 2007English27/09/2007Prevention and Vaccines

More Conferences

1 Status of vaccines and vaccination around the world
World Health Organization (WHO)World Health Organization (WHO), Unicef, World BankReportFrench01/01/2008Prevention and Vaccines
2 User's handbook for vaccine cold rooms and freezer rooms
World Health Organization (WHO)World Health Organization (WHO)GuideEnglish02/01/2008Prevention and Vaccines

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