Laboratory Biosafety & Biosecurity Legislation Workshop

  • Organiser: DHS / BMLS supported by WHO

  • Venue: Empress Angkor Hotel, Siem Reap Province (Cambodia)

  • Date: December 13-14, 2018

  • Posted: 11/02/2019

  • Theme: Biology Laboratories Sciences and Activities

  • Type: Event

  • Language: English

Laboratory Biosafety & Biosecurity Legislation Workshop 2018 group


The concept of IHR-JEE 2005 that Cambodia participated were updated indicators and capacities and moved to IHR State Party Self-Assessment Annual Reporting (SPAR). The Successful completing GHSA help reach IHR-SPAR.

MoH Cambodia developed the strategy plan 2020 of hazard and Infection prevention and control that are the considered core activities for Biosafety and Biosecurity core capacity to reach Global Helath Security Agenda (GHSA).

The Prakas is a regulation document for monitoring and managing the long term storage of Highly Dangerous Pathogens and Toxins (HPT) which pose a severe threat to public health and safety.


This Prakas aims to identify the measures and conditions required to regulate in monitoring and control to the list of Highly Dangerous Pathogens and Toxins, including the storage, destruction, updating and following the standard procedure of biosafety and biosecurity. The editing and commending have contributed from participant for final document.


  • Dr. SAU Sokunna, Deputy Director of DHS, MoH Cambodia

  • Dr. Emily Rosenfield, Public Health Law

  • Prakas of Public Health Biosafety & Biosecurity Laboratory Management of Highly Dangerous Pathogens and Toxins (waiting official published)

Download the program [168.21 Ko PDF]

Download the report [196.59 Ko PDF]

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