1st Cambodian National Medical Laboratory Quality Conference

  • Organiser: DHS/BMLS supported by WHO, ITECH, DMDP, the Mérieux Foundation

  • Venue: Hotel Phnom Penh, Cambodia

  • Date: June 11-12, 2019

  • Posted: 02/05/2019

  • Theme: Biology Laboratories Sciences and Activities

  • Type: Event

  • Language: English

Concept Note


Laboratory conferences serve several important functions which include an educational and professional development mission as well as scientific exchange.  This first Cambodian national conference on medical laboratory practice aims to increase the value and visibility of diagnostic services that laboratories deliver to the community, physicians, patients, laboratory professional sciences and national policy makers.

Purpose of the conference

  • Provide a converging point for laboratory practitioners in Cambodia in public and private practice at all levels of service and healthcare delivery. This will provide an opportunity for interface on issues and concerns of common interest, both strategic and operational and as a forum for information exchange, consensus building and coordination of matters that affect the National laboratory landscape like biosafety, biosecurity, surveillance, sample transport, diagnostic efficiency, training and quality management.

  • Convene a forum for continuing education for lab staff to enhance competency in analyzing and communicating public health science.

  • Distribute information on tools and guidance for:

    • Meeting the requirements of the Ministry of Health, and other accrediting organizations

    • Enhancing quality in laboratory processes and procedures through efficiency of laboratory operations.

    • Clinical diagnostics to improve health for the people of Cambodia.

Desired outcomes

  • Increased visibility of laboratory services among community, physicians, patients, laboratory professional science and national policy makers.

  • Convey the importance of biosafety and laboratory quality management systems to medical laboratories.

  • Laboratory data analyzed and analysis skills of laboratory staff improved.

  • Communication and presentation skills of laboratory staff is improved.

  • Participants learn about quality and diagnostic capacity across Cambodia.

  • Laboratory network strengthened.

Intended audience

  • Representatives from all National labs in Cambodia

  • Public and private laboratories in Cambodia and the region

  • Donor organizations

  • Implementing partners

  • Private companies (e.g. equipment manufacturers)

  • Partner NGO

  • Universities/Technology Schools

Download the program [148 Ko PDF]

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