Mechanisms behind chronic infections (TB, HBV, HIV…): molecular and cellular mechanisms, evasion mechanisms, immunity

  • Organiser: Fondation Mérieux

  • Venue: Fondation Mérieux Conference Center

  • Date: 2-4 May 2016

  • Language: English

Steering Committee:
• David Durantel
• Inca Kusters
• Jacques Louis
• Nicolas Manel
• Tom Ottenhoff
• Valentina Picot
• Cindy Grasso, meeting coordinator


Session 1

  • Understanding and Intervening in HIV Associated Tuberculosis

    Robert Wilkinson

  • HBV Immunopathogenesis

    Robert Thimme

  • HBV and T cell Exhaustion

    Gabrielle Missale

  • Metabolic regulation of immunity in chronic HBV

    Laura Pallet

  • Induction of protective innate immune responses:
    lessons learned from HIV-2

    Nicolas Manel

  • Subcellular mechanisms of innate immunity
    evasion in HBV infection

    David Durantel

  • cccDNA biology and strategy to silence or degrade

    Massimo Levrero

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