Fourth progress report of the London declaration

  • Posted: 06/05/2016

  • Language: English

On Wednesday, 4 May, the Uniting to Combat Neglected Tropical Diseases (UTCNTDs) coalition released “Reaching the Unreached,” the fourth progress report since the launch of the London Declaration on NTDs in January 2012.

This report demonstrates that we are in a strong position to achieve a better quality of life for people at risk of and affected by NTDs. Since the launch of the London Declaration in 2012, the overall number of people in need of NTD treatment has decreased by 230 million, a higher percentage of people than ever before are being reached with the services they need, and countries are achieving their control and elimination goals. We are entering this year armed with strong partnerships, new data and tools, and a generous drug donation pipeline.

The release of this report is an opportunity for the NTD and global health communities to come together and highlight the great progress that’s been made fighting NTDs over the past year, and since 2012.

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