BIOLTROP Laboratory Worksheets and Procedures

  • Author: Antoine Pierson (Bioltrop) reviewed and updated by Biologie Sans Frontières (BSF)

  • Publisher: Fondation Mérieux

  • Type: Worksheets

  • Language: English, French

  • Posted: 05/09/2012

  • Theme: Biology Laboratories Sciences and Activities, Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance

The laboratory techniques and procedures must respect defined limits inorder to guarantee the accuracy of the results obtained when an analysis is carried out. In developing countries, where the structures sometimes have some shortcomings, environmental as well as in techniques or hygene, the role of the procedure is even more crucial.

This training, in the form of sheets compiling the main techniques and procedures adapted to a laboratory in a developing country, will allow the laboratory personnel to keep they skills up-to-date and to carry out analyses in optimal conditions.

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