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1 Laboratory quality management system: handbook
World Health Organsiation (WHO)GuideEnglish27/01/2014Biology Laboratories Sciences and Activities
2 AJLM - African Journal of Laboratory Medicine Volume 2
AJLM - African Journal of Laboratory MedicineAJLM - African Journal of Laboratory MedicineJournal articleEnglish02/07/2013Biology Laboratories Sciences and Activities
3 Annals of laboratory medicine
Annals of laboratory medicineJournal articleEnglish19/02/2013Biology Laboratories Sciences and Activities
4 Global health: integrating national laboratory health systems and services in resource-limited settings
Linda M. PARSONS, Akos SOMOSKOVI, Evan LEE, Chinnambedu N. PARAMASIVAN, Miriam SCHNEIDMAN, Deborah BIRX, Giorgio ROSCIGNO, John NKENGASONGArticleEnglish20/07/2012Biology Laboratories Sciences and Activities
5 Laboratory assessment tool
World Health Organization (WHO)World Health Organization (WHO)GuideEnglish04/05/2012Biology Laboratories Sciences and Activities
6 Lab Culture: African Society for Laboratory Medicine newsletter
African Society for Laboratory Medicine (ASLM)African Society for Laboratory Medicine (ASLM)BulletinEnglish29/03/2012Biology Laboratories Sciences and Activities
7 Impact of mentorship on WHO-AFRO Strengthening Laboratory quality Improvement Process Towards Accreditation (SLIPTA)
Talkmore MARUTA, David MOTEBANG, Lebina MATHABO, Philip J. ROTZ, Joseph WANYOIKE, Trevor PETERAfrican Journal of Laboratory Medicine (AJLM)ArticleEnglish23/02/2012Biology Laboratories Sciences and Activities
8 Managing the Pre- and Post- analytical phases of the total testing process
Robert HAWKINSAnnals of laboratory medicineArticleEnglish16/02/2012Biology Laboratories Sciences and Activities
9 Xpert® MTB/RIF for NTPs in low-income countries: when, where and how?
A.REBUCQ, D.A. ENARSON, C.Y. CHIANG, A. VAN DEUN, A.D. HARRIES, F. BOILLOT, A. DETJEN, P.I. FUJIWARA, S.M. GRAHAM, I. MONEDERO, I.D. RUSEN, H.L. RIEDERInternational Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (IJTLD)ArticleEnglish09/02/2012Biology Laboratories Sciences and Activities
10 Boosting laboratory workers’ contribution to providing quality patient care in low income countries
Ankie VAN DEN BROEK, Coosje TUIJNRoyal Tropical Institute - KIT information portalsArticleEnglish, French09/02/2012Biology Laboratories Sciences and Activities

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