61 BAMS Alumni Network will be launched in September 2012
Fondation MérieuxNewsEnglish04/09/2012
62 Call for renewed mobilization around the neglected tropical diseases
World Health Organization (WHO)World Health Organization (WHO)Press releaseFrench09/07/2012Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance
63 12th International symposium on respiratory viral infections
Richard GONZALEZFondation MérieuxReportEnglish04/07/2012Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance
64 Symposium on Tuberculosis diagnostics: innovating to make an impact (ITBS 2010)
CNS Stop-TB InitiativeCNS Stop-TB InitiativeCourse and conferenceEnglish04/07/2012Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance
65 Call for papers - 1st clinical biology days in Burkina Faso
SBBC (Burkinabe society of clinical biology)NewsFrench14/05/2012Biology Laboratories Sciences and Activities
66 Call for paper - Conference on "a world united against infectious diseases: cross-sectoral solutions"
The Prince Mahidol Award Conference (PMAC)English16/04/2012Infectious diseases
67 World Tuberculosis day 2012
Fondation MérieuxFondation MérieuxBulletinEnglish29/03/2012Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance
68 More than 900 000 lives saved by protecting people living with HIV from TB
World Health Organization (WHO)World Health Organisation (WHO)Press releaseEnglish12/03/2012Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance
69 HIV testing in developing countries: what is required?
George ALEMNJI, John N. NKENGASONG, Bharat S. PAREKHCenter for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC)ArticleEnglish23/02/2012Biology Laboratories Sciences and Activities
70 Accelerating work to overcome the global impact of neglected tropical diseases
World Health Organization (WHO)World Health Organization (WHO)GuideEnglish13/02/2012Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance

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