GLOBE is a portal launched by Fondation Mérieux (a family foundation dedicated to fighting infectious diseases in developing countries).

GLOBE is dedicated to improve and reinforce biomedical expertise and networking. In addition to experts and partners involved in this program, the GLOBE users are encouraged to play a major role in the development of the portal by submitting new content and by being active members of the network.



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    Latest Module / Fact Sheet 27/09/2017

    Rabies educational e-learning modules

    Module 1

    Introduction to OIE International Standards: Rabies notification and control
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    Module 2

    Introduction to OIE International Standards: Rabies diagnostic techniques and...



Moodle is an oline learning platform (Learning management system)  for creating and editing online courses.  In addition to the eductational features, Moodle provides communication features to deliver tutoring sessions and create communities of learners.


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